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Student Voice: Thoughts on School Lunch

By Avneet Mahein
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Students at Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep have been complaining about the schools lunch. So is it important for the principal to consider change?

Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep has a total of 130 Students who eat hot lunch at the high school confirmed Johanna Mitschen who is one of the lunch ladies at NP3.

“The school lunch is very repetitive with the same meals that usually are not cooked properly,” said Tanu Notra, who is a junior and has been getting school lunch since her freshman year of high school. There are many of the same complaints just like Tanu’s that the food does not seem to be cooked properly.

The food is not cooked on school grounds, it is only heated according to Joanna, lunch lady.

Students were asked a  question on if this could be the reason they do not enjoy their food as much. Many responded that most likely this would be the case.

“Even if the food is stored in a freezer it explains why the fries are always soggy and why I usually don’t feel best during third period,” said Preston Gilbert who is currently a sophomore at NP3 high school.

“I am not the biggest fan of school lunch, but by advisory time I am so hungry that I can eat anything. But I would support the school making some changes to the school lunch,” said Jaspreet Kaur, junior.

There has been not much talk about changing the school lunch because everything is controlled by Natomas Unified but, “They usually are willing to take feedback from students about school lunch and how they can make it better,” said NP3 High Principal Mellissa Mori.

Overall there is a larger amount of students who are in favor of change to school lunch but there is not much happening to do so.

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