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Erik Jones’s Advisory Plants Trees

By Avneet Mahein
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Students in Erik Jones’s advisory class recently planted trees by the NP3 track.

The class of 21 students planted the October Red Maples to help the environment and school community on Feb. 14.

The trees were originally bought by the school, but there was no one to plant them. When hearing that the school needed people to plant the trees Erik Jones asked his advisory class if they wanted to volunteer to plant the trees.

Since planting the trees, the students in E. Jones’ advisory class go out and water the trees and check on them every other day. These junior feel that by planting the trees and caring for them, they have contributed to the NP3 community.

“Other advisers would have used this as a way to complete their community service project, but for us it was just a nice way to spend Tuesday tutorial and advisory,” said Larrissa Hamdy, junior.

“Planting the trees helped get my mind off all the stress of second term for a little while and it felt good to do something nice for the community,” added Michael Lopez, junior.

The new trees are planted by the track water fountain, one on the right side and the other on the left. Soon there will be a plaque recognizing E. Jones’ advisory class for their efforts. Go check out NP3’s very Own October red maples!

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