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Student on the Street: School Year Reflections

By Maryam Shabir
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

With the school year to coming to an end, The Pacific Times asked Np3 High students:

How has the 2018-2019 school year treated you?

Megan Chang, 16, Junior

“It’s been okay. I’m on dance team, and it’s fun new team, new family. I like my classes, I have Courtright and she is pretty fun.”

Natalia Villalpando, Freshman

“At the beginning it was really hard and then throughout the year I met a lot of people and felt  like I could be myself and not be judged.”

Aurora Phillips, Freshman

“I liked freshman year because we have a great community that helps build each other up.”

Bella Phomsopha, 17, Senior

“Tiring, Stressful, Fun, Lively, tiring and it’s really tiring. I’m really excited to graduate but I’m going to miss some people.”

Rahul Amin, 17, Senior

“I thought it was relaxing in the second term compared to first term because of my classes. I connected with more students in the lower grade levels though.”

Austin Gilreath, 17, Senior

“It could have been planned out a little better. But overall there were nice events that happened at our school. I’m probably gonna miss a few of the teachers but otherwise I’m not going to miss the environment of being at high school.”

Grecia Ulgade, 17, Senior

“Academically teachers motivates us more, specifically my adviser. Other than than I think this school was good, but event wise it’ll be better. I won’t miss high school but the relationships I had with other people.”

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