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Cell Phone Policy at NP3: Why Students Should Be Able to use Phones

By Hiba Mohammed
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Np3 high has a strict cellular telephone policy which they strongly enforce, according to the student handbook.

Cell phones at Np3 should not be used in class at all, and if you are found using it during class there are some consequences. According to school policy, those consequences include:

  • First offense: the electronic device will be confiscated and secured in the principal’s office. After a conference with the principal and at the end of the day, the device will be returned to the student.
  • Second offense: the device will be confiscated and will only be returned to the parent or guardian.
  • Third offense: the device will be confiscated, returned to the parent or guardian, and the student will not be allowed to bring the device to school for the rest of the year.

These offenses are a reasonable consequence, but I believe there are some people who get their phone taken away for no reason but still have to deal with these consequences.

A lot of people get their phone taken away for accidentally leaving it on their desk, and forget putting it away. Others get it taken away for maybe texting their parents for something important

Sometimes it’s hard for me to call or text my parents to figure out who’s going to pick me up or text them for something serious without the teachers getting mad. Some teachers even collect students phone for the whole class period which is a little too excessive.

Teachers think cell phones are a big distraction, and that students use them for the wrong reason. However, that may not be the case sometimes.

During school when I’ve finished any of my work. I love checking up on any current events and important worldwide issues by reading news articles. Every time I don’t I feel like I’m not informed, and feel kind of isolated.  

Even though Np3 cell phone policy may be reasonable to the teachers and administration. I believe it’s important for students to voice their opinions on it and maybe how we can better the policy for the students and administration.

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