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NP3 High Starts Off 2019-2020 School Year with Back to School Rally

By Zara Afridi
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Student Government held a Back to School rally for NP3 High on Friday, August 16 to reveal the president and vice president, as well as the rest of the officers for the 2019-2020 school year and student delegates for the term. Patchy the Pirate made an entrance once again to excite the students. Each grade level was introduced with fun facts and a song that best represents them. The student body officers announced school events for the term to notify people what events will be happening. This was also an opportunity for each grade level to earn some pirate points by participating, where the grade level with the most points earns a picnic at the end of the year. The rally ended with entertainment and fun by playing games and dancing.

Senior Hiba Mohammad said, “This has been the best rally I’ve seen in a long time. It was very hyped and engaged. There were so many participants who had fun. It was very entertaining to watch the teachers dancing and people playing basketball. I truly believe a lot of people liked it better than the other rallies and there was nothing but compliments about it. I think it was an amazing event to start off the school year.”

Student government revealed NP3′ High’s President Hadeel Zidan and Vice President Ashvir Singh.

NP3 High students attended the rally including seniors (front), freshmen (left), juniors (middle) and sophomores (right).

Students watched as the NP3 High dance team performs (all female and all male).




Students and teachers play “Musical Pairs,” a game where students and teachers dance when a song plays.

Dean of Students Shawn McGuire dressed up as a turkey for the “Pin the Turkey” game.

Students played “Pin the Turkey” with Shawn McGuire by taking feathers from his costume.

Students competed against different grade levels in a game of “Jenga.”

Senior Jared Crisologo having fun while playing games.

Junior Max Bohm playing games and having fun.

Patchy the Pirate with some NP3 High dance team members.

Patchy the Pirate and Ashvir Singh dancing and laughing.

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