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Get Ready for Spirit Week!

By Jack Fedor
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

The fall spirit week is coming up and there are seven days to show off your spirit. If you are excited, the festivities begin on Thursday, Oct. 24, the same day as the Homecoming Game.

Class Colors

Freshman: Purple

Sophomores: Blue

Juniors: Red

Seniors: Black and Gold

Oct. 24: Spirit Wear Day

For the first day, the spirit wear will be class colors, which will be shown a lot as support for your grade’s team might prove to a victory amounting in a large number of pirate points.

Oct. 25: Decades Day

On this day, students will dress up from a certain decade.

Oct. 28: Disney Day

Students will be dressing up as something from Disney such as a character or from a show.

Oct. 29: Tik-Tok Day

Students will dress up as their favorite ‘Tik-Tok” from the popular app and will show what they are interested in based on this.

Oct. 30: Twin Day

Students will dress up like another student or a group of students. How many friends can you get to wear the same thing?

Oct. 31: Dress in Costume/Festive Wear Day

It’s Halloween, so students may wear costumes as long as they are not disruptive to the learning environment, have no weapons and have no masks. Festive wear is also allowed.

Nov. 1: PJ Day

Come to school the same way you came out of your bed, or maybe get into some warmer pajamas. On this day students will be warm as they will be permitted to wear pajamas to school.

With seven fun days in the lineup for the Spirit Week, we are likely to see many students wearing clothing that relates to the special days.

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