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NP3 High’s New Clubs in the 2019-2020 School Year

By Chim Unanwa
Staff Writer| The Pacific Times

A new school year brings new clubs, and 2020 was no different. This year brought four new NP3 High clubs: Anime Club, Debate Club, Muslim Student Association, and Volleyball Club.

Ran by Kyra Horton and Jacob Camino, Anime Club takes place every Wednesday at F-4 during lunch. During the meetings, students can either watch anime, or just hang out and chat with others.

“There wasn’t any Anime club last year, so I wanted to take the opportunity to make one this year,” said Jacob.

Debate Club is held on Fridays, during lunch in I-5. Every meeting, a topic is decided, two teams are formed, and they debate it. Juniors Connor Huie, Ashvir Singh, and Sean DeCaso lead the club.

“It helps teach kids how to debate respectfully, and also how to respect others’ opinions,” said Connor Huie.

Muslim Student Association (MSA) has its regular meetings every Tuesday in I-2. On Fridays, the Jummah prayer is held. Fairoz Rizwan and Muhammad Safiullah are its leaders. The club is discussion based, and its members talk about issues happening in the Muslim community.

“We discuss issues like the Kashmir crisis that’s going on between Pakistan and India, and alongside it, the Uighur Muslims in concentration camps in China,” said Fairoz. “We try to bring light to these issues because if more people know about it, more people can take action.”

Lastly, Volleyball Club takes place every Tuesday after school in the gym. Volleyball Club presents students with the opportunity to stay active after school.

“It’s a good way to stay active. Our days are long, we sit in long class periods, it’s good to just move around a little bit after class.”

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Kyra – [email protected]

Jacob – [email protected]

Connor – [email protected]

Sean – [email protected]

Ashvir – [email protected]

Fairoz – [email protected]

Muhammad – [email protected]

Sohela – [email protected]

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