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NP3’s Blood Drive Saves Up To 150 Lives

By Zara Afridi
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

A total of 50 students and teachers rolled up their sleeves and donated blood earlier this month at NP3 High’s annual blood drive. 

This is equivalent to saving up to 150 lives. One pint of blood can save three lives.

Senior Austin Geordge, who donated whole blood and double red cells, says “Every little bit helps. Donating blood is the least we can do to help others. It’s a very delicate human resource that everyone needs to stay alive and helping them by donating makes me feel good about myself.”

Here are some photos The Pacific Times captured during the event:

Right to Left: Seniors Zara Afridi, Hiba Mohammed, Avneet Mahein, and Rianna Lira volunteering at pre-registration and refreshments.

Pre-registration table where students come in and pre-register to be an official blood donor in the Vitalant system.

The questionnaire and physical check-up (finger prick) to check students for eligibility to donate blood.

The Vitalant staff getting ready for the blood donors.

Station for the red double cells. A total of 2 students donated for double cells.

Blood Donor California Bear shirts were given out to all donors.

Student Volunteer helping passing out shirts.

Refreshments and snacks table with chaperones making sure donors didn’t pass out or feel light headed.

Senior Raeesah Begg in the process of donating blood and on her way to saving lives.

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