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Student on the Street: Living Near an Airport

By Jack Fedor
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Last month, an airplane making an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport dumped its fuel on a schoolyard as a safety measure. The Pacific Times asked NP3 high students whether they ever worry about living and/or going to school in the flight path of Sacramento International Airport, located 10 minutes northwest of campus.

“Do you have any safety concerns about going to school in the flight path of airplanes?”

Subeg Singh, NP3 Freshman

“No, because I do not think anything major is going to affect me.”

Kiara Miller, NP3 Freshman

“I have a fear that a plane will crash and disrupt my way of life for a while.”

Molly Trouchon, NP3 Freshman

“I have a fear that since we are so close to the airport, that some flight accident will occur.”

“Evelyn Romo, NP3 Freshman”

“I feel pretty safe at school. I have never worried about the planes that go above us.”

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