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Spring 2020 Spirit Week Kicks Off Monday

By Jack Fedor
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

This upcoming week NP3 High students will be able to participate in the Term 2 spirit week. 

Students who participate will now be able to earn spirit points for their graduating class (eg. 2020, 2021, 2022 or 2023). Each day, the class with the most students participating will also receive a delicious surprise. This spirit week will also include a raffle for a basket for all those who dress up — the winner will be selected during the last five minutes of lunch on each day of spirit week.

Pajamas can be worn on this day, something that occurs almost all spirit weeks, this is it’s third appearance this year.

Tuesday: Team Pride Tuesday
Anything related to your favorite sports team. A team you are on, a team you follow or a team your favorite athlete is on. Jerseys are allowed on this day.

Wednesday: Way Back Wednesday
Pick a decade and dress up according to what was worn in that decade.

Thursday: Boomer or Teacher Thursday
Dress up as a NP3 teacher or as someone who is older than you.

Friday: Culture Day
In support of the cultural festival on Friday night, students are asked to wear something relating to their culture or another culture.

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