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Sanders Triumphs in NP3 High’s Mock Election

NP3 High students participate in mock election.

By Maisha Mostafa
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times
Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders was the victor in a NP3 High mock election exactly one month before Super Tuesday.

The mock election was held in partnership with the Sacramento County’s Department of Voter Registration and Elections. In all, 192 ballots were cast. Students voted on a list of measures as well as candidates for various public offices.

In the race for president, Bernie Sanders won with 39% of the votes. Other candidates who were popular among students included Andrew Yang with 16% of the votes and incumbent President Donald J. Trump with 10% of the total vote. Elizabeth Warren and Tom Steyer both tied with 7% of the vote and Pete Buttigeg and Joe Biden also tied with 5%.

For the District 3 representative seat in the U.S. Assemblycandidate John Garamendi, a democrat, finished with 60% of the votes while his opponent Abena Mckenzie, an independent, came in second with 19%. Republican candidate Tamika Hamilton earned 12% of the vote.

Incumbent, Doris Matsui, was the obvious winner over several candidates for her seat as District 6 representative with 52% of the vote. Other popular candidates were Benjamin Embard with 21% and Chris Bish with 17%.

Incumbent Ami Bera won his seat as District 7 representative with 44% of the vote. Jeff Burdick was the second most popular candidate with 23% of the vote.

Jerry Mcnerney, a Democrat, won a majority of the vote for District 9 Representative with 66%. His opponents were Republicans, Antonio Amador with 12% of the vote and William Martinek with 9%.

As the only candidate for District 1 State Senator, Brian Dahle won 81% of the vote, with 19% undervotes recorded. An undervote is when a voter can vote, but does not do so.

Joanne M. Ahola won with 66% for Area 4 of County Board Of Education. Other contenders Pervez Akhtar received 14% of the vote and Joyce Linda Childs with 10%.

For Measure E, 69% of students voted YES, while 23% voted NO. If passed, it will provide $650 million to upgrade educational facilities, classrooms and labs throughout the Los Rios Community College District.

For Prop 13, 66% of students voted YES, while 27% voted NO. Prop 13 will limit property tax if implemented.

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