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Student on the Street: Voting in the Presidential Primary

By Zara Afridi
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

NP3 High students who are 18 years old and registered to vote can do so today — Super Tuesday. 

The Pacific Times asked seniors: Who are you voting for in the Presidential primary and why?

Stephen Silver

“I’d vote for Bernie Sanders because I agree with most of his policies such as environmental justice, universal health care, and free college tuition policies. He also has been consistent over time with his goals.” 

Michael Leahy

“I would like to vote for Joe Biden, because I agree with his policies and his promise to achieve them. I like his minimum wage policy, raising it up to $15 an hour is a good wage to live on, especially in California.” 

Aksa Rashid

“Bernie Sanders, because he’s been by far the best candidate. He is really passionate about his goals and wants to achieve them to make some improvements in this country. Every single one of his policies are helpful and beneficial to citizens in this country. “


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