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No Summer School at NP3 High Amid COVID-19

By Maisha Mostafa
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

All NP3 schools have canceled their summer school programs for this school year due to COVID-19.

Traditionally, summer school is held from mid-June to early July for students who received a failing grade in English or math.

NP3 High counselors are recommending that students repeat core courses, such as English, during the next school year.

Students may also enroll in online community college courses at Woodland Community College or American River College during the summer break to make up for failed courses , however not all classes offered qualify for high school credit. 

Students should consult with their high school counselors first and verify that the courses they are taking are transferable before registering.

The Natomas Unified School District is currently making plans to help students in special education to make up any lost credits as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

For more information about available summer programs which are not for high school credit, visit NP3 High’s web page for summer programs.

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