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NP3 Students Collect Toilet Paper for Homeless

By Maisha Mostafa
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

NP3 high students in Laura Sieglitz’s advisory class collected 250 rolls of toilet paper for the homeless.

“We started collecting toilet paper prior to COVID-19,” said Sieglitz. “My advisory students wanted to do something good for the homeless. After looking at the needs list from Loaves & Fishes, my students thought it would be fun to collect toilet paper.”

According to Sieglitz, a NP3 High math teacher and sophomore adviser, the toilet paper drive took place from late January to early March. Each student who donated was given a ticket and entered in a drawing. The prizes included a Baby Blue Pacsun NASA hoodie, a Bluetooth Speaker, and $25 grocery store gift card.  

This community fundraiser was initially started to aid the homelessness population. However, there has been a shortage of toilet paper, which makes the donation drive a needed resource for those experiencing homelessness during the COVID-19 crisis.

“At first collecting toilet paper was supposed to be a fun way of supporting those in need,” Sieglitz said. “What we didn’t realize is that there was going to be a short supply and our toilet paper collection would bring relief to families and individuals in a crisis.”

According to Sieglitz, all rolls of toilet paper were donated to Loaves & Fishes, a non-profit organization that provides assistance to those experiencing homelessness. 

“Delivering the toilet paper was a privilege and I was very proud of my advisory students and of NP3 for coming together to make this happen,” said Sieglitz.

Loaves & Fishes is in constant need of supplies — like new clothes in all sizes and sanitation/hygiene items like toothbrushes and soap — especially during the pandemic. Visit their ongoing needs list

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