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Student On The Street: The End of Senior Year

By Zara Afridi 
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

As the 2020-21 school year comes to a close, this year’s seniors are ending their high school careers sheltered in their homes. The Pacific Times asked the Class of 2020:

“What’s it been like not to be able to finish the school year on campus?”


Jasmine Holland

¨It has definitely been a unique experience. I was a little sad at first just because the end of the year was the most exciting part of senior year for most of us. However, it all just kinda became normal throughout quarantine. As much as I wish we could’ve ended senior year with a senior trip and all the other fun events, I’m glad that we are still able to have graduation. So, all in all, I am glad for the high school experience I did have, but it has definitely been an interesting experience transferring from school to online school.¨

Angie Pedres

¨I’m disappointed because I’ve been looking forward to all the senior activities, but it is what it is. All the fun I could have had with the people at school I love has shortened and I wish it hadn’t, but at least I’m now able to watch Netflix as much as I want HA HA HA.¨

Imani Ross

¨It definitely sucks. I really wanted to experience all of the different kind of events like graduation, prom, and grad night. I also really wanted to go to the dance competition and Disneyland with my dance team, so that is upsetting as well. But, my grades can’t drop and senior project was much easier, so I’m pretty much chilling.¨

Jazelle Lewis

¨It´s actually been okay without being on campus. Everyday is the same for me anyways. I just really miss seeing my friends though.¨

Mary Ayanwale

¨It has been really sad not to finish school with the complete high school experience that we were supposed to have, like missing prom, grad night, and proper graduation. It felt like my experience is invalidated, which makes me really sad that the year ended this way.¨ 

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