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NP3 Provides Mental Health Support to Students

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By Chim Unanwa
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

NP3’s counselors have been working to provide mental health resources to help students during stay-at-home orders. 

These resources are especially important during this pandemic because many students are out of contact with many of their in-person relationships.

Staying at home for long periods of time can take a heavy mental toll on teens. Two teens in Natomas took their lives on April 6,  prompting area schools to make sure their students had access to social-emotional supports during shelter-in-place.

NP3’s counselors have provided numerous sources through the weekly Captain’s Log, such as a counseling form, a suicide prevention flyer from the National Association of School Psychologists, and an article about mental health by UNICEF. Further resources have also been shared by advisory teachers through their Google Classrooms.

The counseling form is an online Google Form which students may use to schedule meetings with their counselors. Specific dates, reasons to meet, and methods of meeting can be specified on the formm.

The National Association of School Psychologists resource provides several tips for parents and educators on risk factors of suicide, warning signs of it, and what to do if a student shows those signs.

The UNICEF article, “How teenagers can protect their mental health during coronavirus (COVID-19),” provides six strategies for teenagers to stay mentally healthy. 

“Generation ZZZzzzzzzz” was an optional advisory assignment given by NP3’s counselors. Due April 27, the assignment provided resources such as a YouTube video on Circadian Rhythms and a TED Talk by Russell Foster, titled “Why do we sleep?” Students wrote about what they learned to have a chance to win a gift certificate to Jamba Juice or Quickly. 

Counselors have also met with students over Zoom for counseling meetings, to directly talk with and check in with them.

NP3 High’s website features a page on Sacramento Area Resources and Crisis Services for those who may need it.

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