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Mock Trial Team Persists Despite COVID-19

By Akshaj Mehta
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Mock Trial is just one of NP3 High’s interactive extracurricular activities which has made the decision to continue online this year.

Mock Trial is where students are given a case packet, create their side of the trial and become the witnesses and attorneys and later compete against other schools.

Mock Trial now meets via Zoom and on Mondays and Wednesdays.

During Zoom sessions, Mock Trial goes into breakout rooms and discusses the case and works on points for the defense and the prosecution. Later on in the season, roles will be assigned for each side.

“We have a strong team and are ready to get back up on the horse for a win,” said Fernando Serratos, a junior.

Nayab Mahmood, also a junior, agreed with Serratos.

“Mock trial is something I really enjoy regardless of these difficult times,” Mahmood said. “This has become a really great opportunity to connect with others and we are able to see growth in many of our team members already.”

Junior Niko Korvink said there are drawbacks to meeting solely online.

“We have a great team but doing it online is becoming a drag and difficult,” Korvink said. “I love Mock Trial and it’s a great way to meet new people and get interested in law if you want to and it’s fun while also including the competitive aspect.”

Mock Trial’s competition will be virtual this year, however the format has not yet been determined. Scrimmages will also be virtual.

For more information about Mock Trial, contact Ms. Staci Osborn at [email protected].

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