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Student Government’s Plans for the School Year

NP3 High’s Student Government class meeting.

By Kinsey Center
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Student Government leaders said they are working on ideas for the types of events they can hold this school year during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Student body president Rory Marco said Student Government is planning events such as a school talent show. Students would be able to send in videos of themselves doing dancing, singing, or sharing motivational quotes.

“Just so we can like rebuild that sense of community that we are so used to,” said Marco. “Similarly to a winter wonder jam but online.”

While Student Government hasn’t decided yet how they will broadcast the talent show, they have a few ideas like making it a YouTube video or holding a live viewing party.

Recently, Student Government has also been working on ways students can show their NP3 pride. “Spirit Wars” gives students a way to show school pride and have a little bit of competition between the grade levels.

Each week there is a different theme. For sports day some students had basketballs and soccer balls. During the NP3 week some students used wigs and face paint to show their pride.

Student Government shows NP3 pride.

Student Government has been rewarding the grade levels with pirate points. Whatever grade level gets the most points will win $500 for their grade level. Currently freshmen is in first place with 105 points, sophomores have 80 points, juniors with 55 points, and senior has 30 points.

Marco said it’s not likely Student Government will host an online pep rally during distance learning, but the group is still trying to brainstorm ideas.

Since last school year ended with distance learning the delegates ended up running for their Student Government positions online.

“It was so unusual,” said Marco about running for student body president during the pandemic. “I was so confused about how to go about campaigning because I was basically limited to just my social media followers. And the people that may follow the Student Government social media account.”

Typically, those running for Student Government visit advisory classes to make announcements. But when NP3 High went to distance learning in March, Marco said it was hard it was to go to each advisory and talk to them because they are mostly at the same time online.

“I honestly kinda loved it afterwards, when I was doing that because it was so much more personalized,” Marco said. “Versus having just one speech in front of the entire school. Without people being able to ask questions or me being able to see other students’ faces and teachers.”

Marco said she liked how people were able to ask her questions and she could share why she wanted to run for president. Marco said she ran for Student Government because she has a lot of creative ideas and enjoys seeing people have fun at events.

“Being a co-communications officer has been such a lovely experience,” said Ximena Francisco who is one of NP3 High’s co-communication officers. “There are so many things that go into play behind the scenes to bring students to the @np3studentgov social media page and manage the student clubs. Whether it is, waking up early to post, or taking the time to formulate stories and captions.”

Francisco said Student Government decided to create a unique video for each grade level to kick off the new school year as a “special gesture.”

“We came up with the idea to create a video for each grade level because we wanted to ensure that all students new and coming back are welcomed back to the new school year,” explained Tatiana Serguna, NP3 High’s treasurer.

Student Government leaders said they have been thinking about maybe holding an online trivia game through Kahoot and are open suggestions from students.


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