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Students Connect & Compete During Spirit Wars

By Jack Fedor
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

Spall’s advisory participating in Sports Day. Extra Points for spelling out Spall Class of 2023

NP3 High student government has decided to host bi-weekly spirit days in order to be able to have students be able to show off their spirit with the rest of the school and also to be able to participate with others attending the school in an event.

These spirit days take place in advisory classes on Wednesdays.

Since the school closed on March 12 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has struggled to have events which students can take part in.

These spirit days have been the only major student government event since the school closed and with another pirate point year to occur some type of competition had to take place.

So far three spirit days have taken place in order to help award pirate points to all grades which are competing with each other for a 500 dollar reward.

England’s advisory participating in sports day. Bonus points for wearing the same item with different teams.

The points were distributed based on the amount of students which dressed up for each theme.

The first spirit day was a NP3 super fan/pirate pride day in which students were told to dress up wearing spirit wear, wearing pirate themed wear or orange and black.

The freshmen won with the sophomores coming in in second and the juniors following in third with the seniors coming in last.

The second spirit day was sports day in which students were asked to wear sports attire.

The sophomores came in first with 70% of students participating, followed by the Juniors with 66% of students participating, with the seniors coming in third with 52% of students participating and with the freshmen coming in last with 51% of students participating.

Villaneva’s advisory participating in sports day. Bonus points awarded for virtual backgrounds.

Kirsten Spall’s sophomore advisory received bonus points for spelling out, “Spall class of 2023.”

Anthony Parker’s junior advisory received bonus points for having 100% of participation and having items relating to similar teams.

Jonathan England’s junior advisory also received bonus points for having a theme of unity along the sports items that they were wearing.

Teresa Villaneva’s senior advisory received bonus points for having all students being in front of a virtual background.

The highest participation of sports day was Parker’s advisory with 100 % and the lowest was Cherise Orozco’s advisory with 1% of students participating.

The third spirit day was pet day in which students were to bring their pets or stuffed animals to advisory.

The freshmen took the top spot with 80% of students participating, followed by the sophomores with 73% of the students participating, followed by a tie between the juniors and seniors with 71% each.

The highest participation of pet day was Bennae Dillingham’s advisory with 96% of students participating and the lowest was Donald Lowery’s advisory with 43% of students participating.

Sophomores are currently in the lead with 260 pirate points at the time of publication, but there is still a lot more time for other grades to catch up as there are sure to be more spirit war events and other pirate point events in the future.

Pirate Point Standings as of October 21

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