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Review: Season 1 of Space Force is Binge Worthy

By Akshaj Mehta
Staff Writer| The Pacific Times

An outstanding plot isn’t something you would find in season one of Space Force but it is full of goofy moments and great actors.

Space Force at its base is essentially a comedy about the government creating an extended branch in the military, but for space. However, it also delves into themes of family, and becoming older and seeing that play out in your life. The show is available on Netflix.

Space Force stars Steve Carell who plays General Mark R. Naird, the head of the Space Force team. He is most known for playing Micheal Scott from “The Office”. These two characters are similar, with Micheal Scott being a manager of a branch and Mark R. essentially managing the team. Before watching the series, I was a little hesitant about the general character being too much like Micheal Scott, but Steve Carell did a great job separating the two.

The supporting cast is also very good and compliments Steve Carell’s character and fits well into the overall show. Most notable John Malkovich who plays Dr. Adrian Mallory the head scientist. He and Steve Carell characters have banter throughout the season and also support each other very well from a show perspective.

There wasn’t really a moment when I felt that any of these characters were out of place, or didn’t matter in the story. Greg Daniels the director and Steve Carell show just how well they are able to make a workplace comedy and how they can give each character apart and be able to make them matter throughout the first season.

As a comedy show, this first season was a little less of a laugh out loud and more of a “Oh yeah, that’s funny” kind of thing. Every episode is something different, which could be seen as inconsistent for some but it gives a surprise every time.

This show is most definitely entertaining, very bingable and it’s one of those shows you would just watch in your spare time. 

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