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PNN Strives To Move Forward During Distance Learning

The Pirate News Network can be found on YouTube

By Surya Tanikella
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Despite the pandemic, NP3’s PNN continues to make new episodes while preparing for the VAPA showcase.

PNN is an abbreviation for Pirate News Network. It is a student-led news program from NP3 High School. The students who create the new videos are students who are taking the TV/Media and Production class.

This news program gives students updates on events that are happening in the real world and events that are happening in NP3 High School. Every episode lets students know what is happening in the state, country and the world.

During lockdown and distance learning, students are recording PNN videos at home with their phones or computers. After they have finished recording, they will send the videos to the editor of PNN, another student. This student will put all the different videos and make it into a short film.

The film is then delivered to Nida Qasmi, the leader of PNN, who posts its to the YouTube channel and shares it to all the other teachers in NP3 High School. Lastly, the teachers will show this news video to the students.

Currently, PNN is just focusing on making new episodes but will soon have the job of creating a video with all the entries for the 2020 VAPA (Visual And Performing Arts) showcase. PNN will also be creating a trailer for this upcoming event to promote it. This trailer will be shown on a PNN episode to advertise the VAPA showcase.

PNN is useful to students participating in this program because it teaches students skills that are not normally learned in an average class such as how to write a script, how to act, how to film, how to use equipment, how to be on time for events for recording, how to edit videos, and how to prioritize work because editing can take hours. These skills can help students when applying for jobs in the future. PNN also helps out students who are not in this program by giving them weekly updates on local, national and world news.

PNN on YouTube

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