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Black Student Union Back at NP3 High

By Christopher Loupeda
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times 

Black Student Union is back at NP3 High.

The Black Student Union was not initially renewed at the start of the 2020-21 school year, but was inspired by the unity of the Asian and Pacific Islander club to resume being active.

The club is being led by Christopher Loupeda and Caroll Loupeda and is advised by Erik Jones and Bennae Dillingham. The group currently meets weekly 1-1:30 p.m. on Fridays, however, the leaders say this time is subject to change. The first meeting was held on Dec. 4.

“(The Black Student Union) is a great opportunity for people to bind together and fight for what is right,” said Caroll Loupeda.

Black Student Union looks to give people an insight into Black issues, embrace Black culture and look at potential changes to better the Black community. All students are encouraged to join and learn with the Black Student Union.

The club plans to address six main topics; access to quality education, prejudices, police brutality, culture, systemic racism, and environmental racism. The Black Student Union hopes to bring attention to these issues with videos, discussion, and visuals. Beyond awareness, club members also plan to fill out petitions on change, write letters to congressmen and women, and more, to seek a solution for the issue they are focused on.

“(The Black Student Union) helps me learn about my past and where I come from, my background,” said NP3 High junior Keith Wright.

The club will post its link for meetings in the weekly announcements.

For people interested in more information they can contact the president of the club Christopher Loupeda ([email protected]), or the vice president Caroll Loupeda ([email protected]). They can also reach out to a club advisor, Mr. Jones ([email protected]), or Mrs. Dillingham ([email protected]).

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