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Spring Term Elective to Support AP Stats Students

By Nayab Mehmood
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

An elective course will be offered next term for AP Statistics students so they can cover all material included in the AP exam.

“AP stats was created prior to the pandemic,” said Laura Sieglitz, AP Statistics teacher. “At that time, I did not see a problem covering all the content with a normal school schedule, even though I knew it was going to be more rigorous.”

AP Statistics was offered to NP3 High students for the first time during the 2020 fall term.

“A pacing guide was created that gave me a time frame of what needed to be covered and when, explained Sieglitz. “I had done this prior to the pandemic and then had to change it for distance learning.”

Sieglitz said she tried making adjustments to the class so students could complete all class content by the end of the term.

“I did so by adding Thursday classes, being very selective on which sections I did out of the book, doing a flipped classroom using Khan Academy, and chucking unit tests to cover two units at a time,” Sieglitz said.

Still, students have not been able to cover all the material by the end of this term. The elective course offered next term will be reserved for those students currently in AP Statistics.

“Plans have not been solidified on what the schedule will look like next term to cover the rest of the content,” said Sieglitz. “However, we are working on that now.”

Students have been polled which meeting times would work best for next term’s elective class.

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