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NP3 Student Creates Virtual Showcase

By Jack Fedor
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

For the past two months NP3 students and teachers have been working on the VAPA showcase set to air online on Friday.

On Dec. 11 at 12 p.m., the VAPA showcase will go live on English and performing arts teacher Melissa Ciubal’s Youtube channel. VAPA stands for visual and performing arts.

Junior Jaclyn Nguyen has been organizing what will be NP3 High’s largest event since the school campus was shut down due to the pandemic.

The VAPA showcase will feature artistic performances and other presentations which represent the themes of resilience and reflection of 2020.

Due to restrictions related to the pandemic, NP3 High’s annual choir performance was canceled. So Nguyen had the idea to create an event that could be held online in its place.

Typically, the annual choir performance also features music by the guitar class and works by art students.

“We have an overall theme that is Resilience/Reflection of 2020, but every submission had its own interpretation of what that meant, making each submission unique,” said Nguyen.

Work on the showcase started at the end of fall break when teachers and students met to share their ideas on what the event should look like.

In additional to Nguyen’s efforts, NP3 clubs and classes played a role in bringing the event to the virtual stage.

Art Club gave their meeting time up in order for an informational meeting, Drama Club submitted their ideas, and Student Government worked on advertising the event.

“Tutorials” were held also held to help students prepare for their performances.

Once all the students and teacher submissions were turned in last month, NP3’s TV and media class started work on editing the showcase for the premier.

Twenty-two art pieces in all were submitted, including 16 musical performances and eight acting and writing submissions will also be featured in the showcase.

For example, the Asian/Pacific Islander Club made a video including club members reading a poem, the Queer Straight Alliance Club created a visual and the new Music Club also has a performance in the show. Art Club and the Art II class have art pieces included and the Beginning Guitar class will perform.

Submissions by Student Government, the Drama Club, Photography Club, Latinos Unidos and Dance Team will also be showcased on Friday.

The finale of the show includes more than a dozen NP3 staff members and a song written by Nguyen.

“The VAPA Showcase has exceeded all of my expectations and that is because of the amazing people at our school,” she said.

The VAPA showcase will be available on Melissa Ciubal’s Youtube channel following the live stream premier.

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