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NP3 Creative Writing Club Explores All Genres

By Surya Tanikella
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Creative Writing Club from NP3 looks to create an environment for students to learn writing skills meant to help them in the future.

The Creative Writing Club is a student-led group where students have the chance to better their writing styles and enhance their passion for the arts through collaboration.

“It is also a source of imagination and innovation,” said club leader Dakota Sieglitz, a senior.

This club has now changed during distance learning because everything is now online.

“The good thing about writing is that it can be done anywhere and at any time,” she said.

Now, students in this club will write the stories on Google Docs and send it to each other. They meet up every Tuesday on a Zoom meeting after school.

The Creative Writing Club is useful to students because it “Unlocks student’s imaginations and creates a space for students to express themselves artistically. It also helps them with everyday reading and writing skills,” explained Dakota.

Students in the club work on all genres. Currently, they are focusing on fantasy writing.

“The best part of CWC is that we can write about basically anything we want to, it’s a club where we can use our imagination freely,” Dishita Rikhi, a freshman at NP3 said.

Added Rudy Chavez, a junior, “I like the fact that we can get good feedback from multiple people. The creativity this club provides is very good.”

The Creative Writing Club also sends the stories students write to competitions such as the Ocean Awareness Contest, Canvas Literary Journal, Write the World or the Writers of the Future contest and more in spring. Students are not required to participate in these contests.

Students interested in joining the Creative Writing Club or finding out more should contact adviser James Felt at [email protected]
or club leader Dakota Sieglitz at [email protected].

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