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Teacher on the Street: New Year’s Resolution

By Nimrat Bains
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

To start off the New Year, The Pacific Times asked NP3 High School teachers: 

“What is your New Year’s Resolution?”

Kirsten Spall — English 10, Communications, and Dual Enrollment Sociology
“Right now, I am intentionally enjoying the moments that I get to share with others. During class, I try to look at each student and connect with them through a joke, a comment, or a smile. After work, I turn off my laptop or put down my phone and intentionally spend uninterrupted time with them. Purposefully being present in the moment is grounding and helps me feel connected.”

Jen Hembree — U.S. History & Student Government Adviser
“My family and I want to learn how to compost, get better at using better language and go to a lake in a new location, something that’s a one day trip.”

Casey Harris — P.E and Guitar
“The first one that I chose was to read one book every month. The reason I chose this was I haven’t made time to read any books for enjoyment and I would like to make this a habit. The next Resolution that I made was to cook one new recipe each week. I fall into the same routine and would like to try some new styles of food.”

Karen Rice — English 10, English 10 Honors, and Study Skills
“To focus more on the good and less on the bad. I find that it is too easy to get upset over little things that really don’t matter. I have a lot to enjoy and be thankful for in life. I would rather spend my energy enjoying it!”

Teresa Villaneva — Spanish 3 & AP Spanish
“My New Year’s Resolution for 2021 is quite simply to dance more. For me, dancing is presence, exercise, healing and joy!”

Bennae Dillingham — Pilates, English 9 and Psychology
“I’m not really into ‘resolutions,’ but my goal is to focus on self-care and balance.”