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Ways High Schoolers Can Help the Environment

These are just a few examples of outfits that I have put together from second hand clothing. These were all found at thrift shops in the Sacramento area in great condition, and for low prices.

By Zoe Lopez
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

As most of us know, climate change is a rising issue currently. Every day we continue to push the limits of our planet and compromise the health of future generations. As high schoolers, we might think we do not have many options to promote a greener future, but this is not the case. We all know that using reusable water bottles and metal straws are environmentally friendly options for us to take, but there are a lot more.

Thrifting is an excellent alternative to shopping at the mall or any first-hand shop. Not only is it cheaper, but it is great for the environment. Fast fashion shops such as Forever 21, H&M, and Victoria’s Secret contribute to the pollution of our water and air, and lead more clothing to landfills each year. Purchasing from second-hand shops saves resources that would be used to create new clothing, leads clothes out of landfills, and simply does not support industries that pollute our planet.

Supporting local businesses is also a great option when thinking about our environment. Buying local means that your products were not mass-produced, compromised with harmful chemicals, or shipped around the world. Here in Sacramento, we have a year-round farmers market in Midtown, where you can purchase a wide range of items from local-based shops, such as food, artwork, plants, accessories, and more.

Using public transportation is a more eco friendly way to efficiently get around. When public transportation is used more frequently, large amounts of fuel is saved, and much less air pollution is let out. As students in the Natomas School District, we have free passes for the transportation system throughout the city. Using this option can help your environmental impact on our planet.

Limiting the amount of red meat and dairy you put on your plate also promotes a greener future. The process behind where our meat and dairy come from causes copious amounts of greenhouse gases to be released into the air, and large livestock consume incredible amounts of water and plants, which should be going straight to the mouths of the people. Studies show that raising livestock releases up to 40 times more greenhouse gases than common crops do. Supporting better meat and dairy businesses, or simply eating less of it, can really promote a greener future.

With these few examples in mind, it goes to show that just about everything we do has an option that is more eco friendly, even if it is as simple as using a reusable bag or buying fruit from a local business. Learning more about how you affect our planet, and how you can help change it is the first step leading everyone to a better future.


Natomas has a weekly farmers market from May through September where local residents can buy locally grown produce and other products. / Photo

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