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NP3 Art Club Welcomes All Artistic Abilities

By Jolene Phung

The Drifter by Jasmine Castillo

By Nimrat Bains
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

NP3 High’s Art Club is about creating a place where students can think creatively, no matter their artistic abilities.

Helem Pham and Katelynn Lee are the leaders of this year’s Art Club which is advised by Heather Higgins, who teaches Art I, Painting, Art II and AP Studio Art.

The goal of Art Club is to provide a space for students to grow their skills.

“We are all really passionate about art and Art club is really helping us hone in on our skills.” wrote club member, Jasmine Castillo.

“I noticed my classmates really liked doodling even though they weren’t like an artsy person,” said Lee. “I think Art Club has a reputation of just the art kids (and) I wanted everyone to join Art Club, not just the people who love drawing.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the club, both positively and negatively. Club members are not able to paint things at schools such as murals, but at home they said they have more creative freedom.

Chanel Perfume by Sara Pabst

“We can’t do teamwork because it’s kinda awkward to sit in a breakout room and talk to people,” Lee said. “It’s not too bad because we don’t have to compare ourselves as much to others, I think it’s easier in that way, you can look at your art in yourself and not judge yourself too hard.”

For many students, Art Club is a way to relieve some stress from schoolwork.

“It’s really nice to relieve some of the stress of distance learning cause it was really hard adjusting during that, and it still really is.” said club member Kimberly Chouang.

Art Club is used to gain a variety of skills that are useful in everyday life such as brainstorming, diving deeper into topics, working as a group and communication.

“In Art Club, I more like practiced and learned. I practiced a lot more of brainstorming and thinking deeper into topics, like art topics, and delving into prompts, “ said Chouang. “It’s collaborative, we’re doing group projects.”

Added Lee, “We’ve gained the ability to communicate better because I can’t just say it to your face, I have to email you.”

Art Club is a place for students to let out their creativity and bond with one another.

“If you want a place where you can let out your creativity and you want to create something, anything, the Art Club pushes you to make something even though it’s small,” said Chouang. “From that small thing if you want, you can grow from it, you can probably ask other people in the club how you could improve it. It’s just a really open and free-flowing club.”

Art Club meets every other Thursday at 12 p.m. and can be found on Instagram at @np3artclub.

In the arms of Morpheus by Kimberly Chouang

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