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Mock Trial Team Hopeful Heading into 2nd Round

By Nayab Mehmood
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

The NP3 Mock Trial team completed the first round of competitions on the evening of Feb. 2.

The NP3 Mock Trial’s prosecution team competed against St. Francis High School Mock Trial’s defense team.

After the competition, the team had a short meeting to share immediate thoughts and reactions.

The team did note that there were areas of improvement. It plans to work on making improvements to prepare for future competition rounds.

As Komal Sharma, a sophomore on the Mock Trial team, puts it, “I think there is always room for improvement and I even took notes on some parts but I also feel like out of all the trials I’ve seen our prosecution side participate in, this was the best I’ve seen them do. I feel like…[they’re] definitely using each opportunity to get better and it really shows.”

According to Karina Twergo, a senior who is on the team, “The first rounds of competition are always the hardest both on zoom and off zoom. It allows us to see what goes wrong and how we can fix that for future competitions.”

“After our first round is when we heighten our efforts and commit more time to mock trial. I am excited to see what comes next and to support our other members when it is their turn to shine,” Twergo added.

On Feb. 3, NP3 Mock Trial found that after round 1, the team is down 20 points. NP3 Mock Trial still has three more competition rounds that it is guaranteed an opportunity to participate in.

Round 2 of the virtual Mock Trial competitions is today, Feb. 4. NP3 Mock Trial’s defense team will be competing.

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