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Outgoing Rory Marco Leads Student Government

By Christopher Loupeda 
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times 

Rory Marco

NP3 High’s student body president Rory Marco is an outgoing and busy person. Marco believes that “every day is a new day” and strives to make the most out of each one. 

Born in Sacramento, Calif. she has been living here her whole life. Marco wishes to see more than just Sacramento however.

“I think it’d be really fun to live in Europe…you can get around without having a car.” Marco mentioned Norway and Switzerland as her ideal places to live. 

Marco described herself as a “cheese connoisseur” and enjoys Italian food. 

“I don’t ever think I can get tired of bread.” Marco also enjoys the pasta that accompanies Italian food. She dislikes mushrooms, raw onions, and has an allergy to cilantro. 

When asked what her favorite childhood memory was Marco recalled when her mother would host “fun Fridays.” On one occasion, Marco stated her mother, and older sister Hailey went to the Bay Area and tried five different forms of transportation. They tried a horse carriage, trolley, tandem bikes, and more. 

Marco said the opportunities at NP3 is her favorite part of the school. She feels like the small community at NP3 makes it possible to make a name for yourself. She also enjoys the variety of people within the NP3 community as last year she was both on Robotics and Dance Team. She was able to spend time with all different types of personalities.

Her favorite class at NP3 was a calculus class with 13 people. Marco said that the unconventional size and teaching in the class made it fun. 

“We went to Panera once and just had a big study session together.”

Marco was brought closer to people she normally didn’t talk to because of the small class size and called it “refreshing.” 

On the dance team, Marco is known for being able to do flips, handsprings, and more. This is because she did gymnastics for seven years. Marco stopped doing gymnastics in middle school and got more into volleyball especially in high school.

From gymnastics to dance to volleyball, she mentioned her family philosophy is to try everything, “I’ve probably tried every sport except lacrosse and skiing.”

As a senior, Marco has worked hard to apply to colleges this school year. 

“I want a college that is medium-sized.”

She further explained that she wants a college with plenty of opportunities as well as to experience college away from Sacramento. For example, she highlighted both Cornell and Vanderbilt Universities as two colleges she applied to. 

During the pandemic, Marco has spent less time with friends. However, Marco does have one friend that she sees often as a quarantine “buddy,” this means since they see each other often it is practically like quarantining together. Her buddy is Sohela Bedi, a fellow NP3 High senior

Overall, her free time has shifted to one of self-care.

“I run about every other day.” 

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