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All About the AP Test Review Sessions

By Chim Unanwa
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

As AP tests approach on the horizon, NP3 High teachers are holding AP Review Sessions to help students study for the tests.

The sessions started on the week of April 12, and each teacher will hold sessions until that class’ AP test.

“The goal of the sessions is to provide additional learning opportunities for students to prepare for the AP exams in May,” said NP3 High principal Melissa Mori. “Giving students an option to come in-person for instruction has helped with student engagement.”

While most review sessions are being held in person, some teachers are holding them online as well. Students and teachers will be required to maintain social distancing and to wear a face mask on campus.

AP English teacher Melissa Ciubal said study sessions were focused on AP exam practice and test-taking strategies.

“They have helped by essentially giving us more class time in a scenario in which we are already losing so much time,” said AP Computer Science Principles teacher Donald Lowery.

NP3 Counselor Lindsay Ulrich has written an AP Student Letter for students who plan to take AP exams. It details all the exam times, rules, and procedures to follow.

AP Student Letter
AP Review Session Times/Location

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