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Class of 2021 Set To Graduate At Sutter Health Park

2020 graduates had a drive-thru ceremony at NP3 High School due to the pandemic. / Photo

By Nayab Mehmood
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

2020 graduation at NP3 High School. / Photo

Friends and families of the class of 2021 will be able to witness senior students graduate this year.

Unlike this year, students graduating last year were unable to invite friends and family to witness their graduating class receive its diplomas.

According to Kelly Clancey, NP3 High School counselor, “While students and families were very appreciative of all of the time and efforts that were put into providing an in-person event and first-rate video of all of the traditional speeches, awards, and highlights of the entire day-long graduation ceremony, we are super happy the class of 2021 will be able to graduate together safely with their families and educators.”

“The class of 2020 and the class of 2021 had the rituals and traditional celebrations of young adulthood change in ways we couldn’t have predicted. Last year and again this year I find myself humbled by the imbibing positivity of our student community as they approach the culmination of many years of hard work – graduation,” Clancey added.

2020 graduation at NP3 High School. / Photo

Each graduating student will have six tickets to give to family members. That is the maximum amount of tickets that they can receive.

Due to COVID, graduation will be held outdoors, at Sutter Health Park. Family members will be grouped together and be given assigned seats.

Karina Twergo, also a graduating senior this years, adds, “Many of us didn’t expect to have an in-person graduation so it was a really nice surprise. Since we will all have our own familial pods and the venue is really spacious, I know it will be safe as well. The pandemic has taken a lot from our senior year, and although this doesn’t make up for it, the graduation is something I can look forward to now.”

The graduation ceremony will be on June 3. The Sutter Health Park was not available for an earlier graduation ceremony.

The ceremony will be at 6 p.m., but gates will be open at 5 p.m.

More information will be shared through the Captain’s Log.

2020 graduation at NP3 High School. / Photo

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