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Blackbird Park Relieves Student Parking Woes

By Christopher Loupeda
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Blackbird Park is located adjacent to NP3 High School. Students are allowed to use the park parking lot during the school day. / Source: Google Maps

After years of parking pandemonium, NP3 High student drivers will have ample student parking at the new Blackbird Park which opened during the pandemic.

The new park is nearly 10 acres and has the biggest community garden in the city. Blackbird Park’s parking lot can accommodate 79 cars.

As NP3 High plans to return fully in-person in the fall of this year, new parking spots will help ease congestion and the demand for parking.

Paul Nijjar touched in a 2018 article in The Pacific Times about the school’s parking situation.

Nijjar expressed that previously students had to park at Candela Circle by the tennis courts across the street from the school. However, this spot was limited to 19 cars.

Other students tried to park on Natomas Central Drive, however as mentioned by a former student Jefrrey De Jesus, “It’s unsafe because of how many cars are passing by.”

Even the third parking spot students had used at Palma Harbour Place was restricted to only the people who lived there.

The NP3 High campus itself has limited parking that is primarily reserved for teachers.

In Nijjar’s article more parking was expected soon, the expectation has become a reality because of Blackbird Park.

“I think it’s great having the new parking lot,” said Fernando Serratos, a student driver. “Students have more room to park their cars, it’s safer, and we are able to skip the build up of cars when school gets out.”

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