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New Financial Literacy Class Comes to NP3

By Surya Tanikella
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

A new Financial Literacy class coming to NP3 High School was spearheaded by three seniors.

This class was made possible because of three seniors, Aran Sandhu, Ashvir Singh and Connor Huie. This idea of teaching students Financial Literacy was their senior project.

“From where we started and where we are now I can only be proud of myself and especially my group members, Ashvir and Connor, who fought alongside me to make this course happen,” said Sandhu, a senior from NP3 High School.

The NP3 Financial Literacy class will teach students how to manage their money. This class will start in the 2021/2022 school year.

According to the teacher of this new class Jonathan Peacock, students will learn to set budgets, invest, save, pay taxes, and more.

“If you look at the data on Americans and money, it isn’t great. Young people especially are notoriously bad with money. Many Americans are in debt or not saving nearly enough for retirement,” said Peacock.

This class will only be offered to seniors. So far, 63 people signed up to take this class according to Sandhu. Which term this class will be offered still has to be determined.

“It’s a topic I care a lot about and I look forward to sharing that with the students,” says Peacock.

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