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NP3 Students Work to Expand Financial Literacy

By Surya Tanikella
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

A group of NP3 High students hope to expand the financial literacy curriculum taught in the Economics/Civil Law class taken by seniors.

Ashvir Singh, Aran Sandhu and Connor Huie are working on this project.

The financial literacy curriculum teaches students how to manage their money by creating budgets, understanding savings and investments, learning about credit, loans and debts. It also covers topics on how to become a successful adult, according to NP3 High Principal Melissa Mori.

“Many students begin working, but don’t understand the importance of saving and budgeting and they can create bad spending habits that get them into financial trouble at a young age,” Mori said.

According to Mori, students who feel ill prepared to handle financial decisions often like this portion of the Economics/Civil Law class. The goal is to help everybody to learn more about financial literacy.

“Our plan is not to create another class for financial literacy,” said Ashvir. “It is to add this topic into an existing class.”

Singh, Sandhu and Huie are presenting their proposal to expand the financial literacy curriculum during a Zoom meeting at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 15. If their presentation is a success, then more aspects of financial literacy curriculum will be added to the class.

NP3 High staff are also discussing teaching financial literacy during advisory classes. This way, students would not have to wait for the Economy/Civil Law class to learn these helpful skills, Mori said.


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