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NP3 High’s Snack Bar Reopens For the First Time Since 2020

By Jack Fedor
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

NP3 High’s snack bar is reopened at lunch on Monday as the NP3 fundraising opportunity has been closed for over a year and a half.

Student Government members will be running the snack bar in the office and will be enforcing rules such as masks are being worn, the volume is at an appropriate level and no more than three students are in the office at a time.

Only three students will be allowed to be in the office to purchase snacks at a time.

Previously the snack bar had allowed for four students and this rule has been put into place according to front office staff Giao Villalobos, who has run the snack bar before, as the noise volume in the office has gotten too high in the past.

The snack bar will be open all days except for Wednesday during lunch.

The snack bar may be closed at times due to low inventory, not enough volunteers to work the snack bar or rain. The Student Government announcements will always contain a closure notice if it is to close.

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