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Teacher Profile: Kellen Thompson

By Christopher Loupeda
Copy Editor | The Pacific Times 

Kellen Thompson

Starting his first year at NP3 High, Kellen Thompson is a brand-new history teacher. Just like fellow teacher Jonathan Peacock, he also transferred from Lincoln High School in his hometown, Stockton.

Thompson received his teaching credentials and a degree in history not far from home, “I did two years at Delta (Community College) and then I transferred to Stanislaus State in Turlock,” he said.

Thompson admitted that he “had no idea what to do” before college. However, history was always his favorite subject growing up and his favorite teachers were also history teachers. This combination made him feel like history was a “natural fit” and inspired him to pursue a career in it.

Now entering his eleventh year of teaching, Thompson looks forward to making history as fun and interesting as possible for the students. He wants the students to share in his passion.

“I like to read history books,” Thompson said when asked about his favorite free-time activities. He also enjoys Harry Potter movies, baseball, Marvel, slow-pitch softball, and football.

“I can put it [Harry Potter] in the back while grading and it’s all good,” Thompson said.

With baseball, Thompson has had some memorable experiences. During his favorite summer vacation, he followed his team, the San Francisco Giants, around the country on their away games. He watched games in Arizona, San Diego, and Colorado.

Thompson is also a fan of the New England Patriots. When he was young, he discovered the Patriots logo on a reversible jacket. The day his mother bought that jacket for him was when he began supporting the Patriots.

In the kitchen, Thompson determined that his “favorite food of all time is spaghetti.” However, his least favorite food is meatloaf.

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