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NP3 Adds Dual Enrollment Classes and Internship

By Fraz Ahmed
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

NP3 High School has added 10 dual enrollment course options for students this school year as well as an internship opportunity with NP3 Elementary School.

Taking the ARC classes gives students a chance to earn high school and college credit at the same time.

The school was able to work with American River College to give students this opportunity to get a head start on their post-high school education.

In the internship, the students will help out the teachers and work with the kids.

The new classes and internship options were listed when students picked their classes last year. Many students chose these unique options and are now enrolled in them.

One student who is taking one of the dual enrollment college classes available is senior Sukhman Singh who is enrolled in ENGWR 300, a college-level English class.

He describes his experience in the class so far as “it’s been very chill and the assignments are due every Friday.

Obviously it will be a challenging course, but I will try my best to get a good grade and earn the college credit that goes along with it”.

Another student named Conrad Voung who is also a senior has an internship with NP3 Elementary school.

He also shared some of the work that he does as an intern. “We just help the teacher with work like a teacher’s assistant and watch over the children ” he stated.

He is very happy with choosing this option for his 4th period. “As an intern, I’m able to help elementary students find their place at school and make their learning experience better”.

Many high schools continue to give students new opportunities to take their education to the next level and our school has done this by adding a variety of college classes and giving an internship option.

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