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Archives for October 2021

Student on the Street: Plans for Halloween

By Nathan Gonsalves Staff Writer | The Pacific Times The Pacific Times asked NP3 High students: What are you doing for Halloween, and do you think it's safe to go trick or treating? Atticus … [Read more...]

NP3’s Animal & Environmental Club Gives Back

By Alexis Kobane Staff Writer | The Pacific Times The Animal and Environmental club is one of NP3 High’s newest clubs this year. The club’s goal is to find ways to help the … [Read more...]

Natomas Unified Battles Food Supply Chain Issues

By Christopher Loupeda Copy Editor | The Pacific Times Due to a brand-new law in California, NP3 Middle and High both have free lunches and breakfast for all. Senate Bill 364 requires schools … [Read more...]

Spirit Week Preview

By Surya Tanikella Staff Writer | The Pacific Times The Fall season Spirit week is starting on Oct. 25, giving students five days to show off their spirit. Oct. 25: Pajamas Day For the first … [Read more...]

American Sign Language Club Promotes Inclusion

By Krista Chouang Co-Editor | The Pacific Times The American Sign Language club is a new club that hopes to create a connection within members of their club through teaching people a way to … [Read more...]

NP3 High Launches STEM-Oriented Club

By Kristen Chung Staff Writer | The Pacific Times STEM Society is a club founded to encourage more girls and non-binary students to pursue STEM fields. According to the U.S Labor Bureau, … [Read more...]

New Volleyball Club is Recruiting More Players

By Surya Tanikella Staff Writer | The Pacific Times NP3 High School student Matthew Ly invites students to come and have fun at his Volleyball Club. “My dad actually inspired me to make … [Read more...]