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Student on the Street: Plans for Halloween

By Nathan Gonsalves
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

The Pacific Times asked NP3 High students:

What are you doing for Halloween, and do you think it’s safe to go trick or treating?

Atticus Patel, Sophomore
“I am going to a party for Halloween, and I think it’s safe to go trick or treating as long as you are cautious.”
Kennedy Lopez, Sophomore
“I am throwing a party, and I think it is kinda safe if you wear your mask to go trick or treating. It depends if you take (COVID-19) seriously or not.”
Joshua Livingston, Senior
“I am just going to stay home for Halloween but if there are trick or treaters then I will probably put out a bowl of candy for them. I think (trick or treating) is okay as long as (the kids) are with a parent or someone that is watching over them and keeping their distance from each other.”
Jasmeet Singh, Freshman
“I’m probably going to go trick or treating with some of my friends, and I think it is okay for kids to go trick or treating because we have masks on.”
Katherine Espinoza, Junior
“I am just going to hang out and probably take some pictures, and I think it’s safe to go trick or treating with parents under the age of fifteen.”
Kristen Chung, Senior
“For Halloween, I am going to my friend’s house and have a small gathering, but we are all going to wear masks. I think it’s safe as long as you’re outdoors and wearing masks.”

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