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New Volleyball Club is Recruiting More Players

Photo by Surya Tanikella

By Surya Tanikella
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

NP3 High School student Matthew Ly invites students to come and have fun at his Volleyball Club.

Photo by Surya Tanikella

“My dad actually inspired me to make this club because I realized that there weren’t many sports at NP3, so I thought that at least opening a club would’ve been nice,” said Ly, “I started to really get into volleyball during the summer and I saw myself improving and thought volleyball was fun.”

The Volleyball Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:45 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. with play usually starting around 4:00 p.m.

Megli Merino, a sophomore said, “I like this club because there are lots of people with the same interests as me.”

There are around 40 people in the Volleyball Club. Ly plans to teach the students in his club a little bit of volleyball at first. As he sees the club members progress, he will allow them to play more games. Ly explained that exercise, a new skill set, and relaxation are all benefits of the club.

Photo by Surya Tanikella

“I wanted to join because I found out a lot of my friends were in it but then I realized that it was a lot of fun, so I stayed in it,” says sophomore Tristan Puelicher.

According to Ly, the club members mostly play games of volleyball during the meeting while he joins the games and offers advice to people. On Thursdays, the club members form teams of six and play in a tournament with each other. This allows the club members and Ly to know how much the members improved and what skills they can improve on.

“What I enjoy a lot in this club is playing against other people who are really good and hanging out with my friends,” says Ly.

Those wishing to join, please contact Matthew Ly at [email protected] and join their Google Classroom at lncdhqb.

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