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π-rates Club Formed for Mathematicians

By Nathan Gonsalves
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Club members collaborate in preparation for their competition.

NP3 High’s new π-rates Club strives to create a space where mathematicians can gather and improve their skills while competing with one another.

“It’s a platform where certain students that are very interested in math can get together with other people with similar interests, and it’s a place where people can show their abilities,” said Robert Lauer, the advisor of π-rates.

“The benefit is that they get to socialize with people, and younger people eventually will benefit from the tutoring,” Lauer added.

During the meetings, co-presidents Luke Nikitchuk and Alex Lao lead the club in friendly, math-related competitions and go over math riddles. They promote teamwork among the members, even out of competition, which allows the members to practice math and interact.

“In the future, we hope to expand our club past NP3 High School and be involved with NP3’s Elementary and Middle School. Also, we want to bring in other schools in our area district and have competitions with them,” said Lao.

The π-rates Club members are currently doing competitions with each other on a small scale to troubleshoot any problems they run into.

This club meets bi-weekly on Fridays in Lauer’s room, G-2. For more information about π-rates Club, email Luke Nikitchuk at [email protected].

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