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Mock Trial and Moot Court Get New Coaches

By Alexis Kobane
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

NP3 High School’s Mock Trial and Moot Court teams have two new coaches for the 2021-22 school year.

The Mock Trial team is now coached by Angel Pineda and Moot Court team now coached by Robert Hagarty, a past NP3 High School teacher. Shani Roark is a returning coach for the Mock Trial team.

Pineda is a Deputy District Attorney in San Joaquin County. Although he has never been a Mock Trial coach, he has experience in Mock Trial and Moot Court from law school.

“It’s always fun to see students interested in these sorts of events. And it’s fun to see their excitement in the class and to see them grow during the semester,” Pineda said, when asked about why he wanted to coach Mock Trial.

“Angel is very dedicated, a bit quiet, pensive, and has a serene presence and Shani is very outgoing, energetic, and confident. They balance each other out which makes Mock Trial enjoyable and less stressful,” commented senior Alina Susu, a returning Mock Trial member.

“This group will be more than ready by the time the first competition rolls around,” Pineda also said about the upcoming competition in January.

Robert Hagarty

Hagarty is a former NP3 High School teacher who taught history classes at the school for 15 years. The 2020-21 school year was his last year as a teacher at NP3 High School.

Unlike the Mock Trial team coaches, he does not have experience with being a lawyer, but said that he, “Enjoys coaching the Moot Court team since it keeps me in touch with the school and the students.”

Moot Court members like sophomore Jacqueline Paltzer appreciate what Hagarty does to help them understand everything.

“I’m still only a second year so his help means a lot,” said Paltzer, a returning Moot Court team member.

Pineda plans to continue coaching the Mock Trial team past this year and Hagarty will see what happens after this year.

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