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Advisory Classes Celebrate Winter Holidays

Christmas tree in Dulce Hernandez’s classroom.

By Surya Tanikella
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

NP3 High advisory classes are participating in fun holiday activities to celebrate the end of the first term after returning to in-person learning.

“Students were tasked with giving me a $10 or less Want List, and those lists have been sent to their Secret Santa,” said sophomore advisor James Felt. “On our long advisory period Friday during finals week, students will exchange the gifts they purchased for their Secret Santa.”

According to Melissa Ciubal, a sophomore advisor from NP3 High, the goals of these activities are to promote equality among classmates by making everyone feel welcome as well as strengthen and create new bonds.

“My hope is that everyone gets at least one item they wanted and that there’s a bit of mystery and difficulty as to figuring out who bought gifts for who,” said sophomore Brodie Brown, who is in Dulce Hernandez’s advisory.

Sophomore Tristan Puelicher echoed Ciubal’s sentiment that these end-of-term activities are also intended to make people feel comfortable and welcome in their classes.

Some advisors did white elephant instead of the general secret Santa.

“Since my advisory students are all seniors, each and every gift was well thought out and caring,” said advisor Peter Riehl. “It was also one of the last winter activities they would participate in before graduating. So there was lots of laughter and sadness.”

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