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Student on the Street: 2021 Holidays

By Isabella Bravo
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

As we enter the second holiday season of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Pacific Times asked students:

“What do the holidays look like for you this year compared to last year?”

Rory Phillips, Senior

“We kind of had to be a bit more careful, not compared to last year, but in general. Last year, we definitely didn’t see anybody. We did, like, a Zoom Thanksgiving. This year, maybe some of my family will be over, but a lot of them don’t really want to have to come over.”

Kinsey Center, Junior

“Well, last year we didn’t see anyone, obviously. It was just my parents and I. This year, though, I’m going to be flying out to see my sister. So it’s just going to be the four of us instead. So it’s different.”

Alexandra “Lex” James, Freshman

“To start off, Halloween, last year it was like completely empty streets. And obviously, people were staying home to protect themselves from COVID, which is totally understandable. This year there was a few more people out walking around trick-or-treating. Not a lot, the streets were still kind of empty, but it was a little bit more people and I’m glad people are still protecting themselves from COVID. But now that more people are getting vaccinated, there’s families that are able to celebrate holidays more safely now.”

Autumn Lor, Sophomore

“I feel like I don’t really get to see as much family as I normally would, because of COVID.”

William Chisum, Sophomore

“It won’t be much different since the Omicron variant is going around. We’re probably going to have the same lonely holidays as last year, although we are putting up our decorations as opposed to last year where nobody was going around to see it. So it looks a lot more festive, it isn’t a lot more festive.”

Leo Suan, Senior

“More family’s coming over. We’re just gonna have a fun time. Just can’t wait to spend time with my family.”

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