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Student on the Street: Black History Month

By Krista Chouang
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

As Black History Month comes to a close, The Pacific Times asked students:

“What does Black History Month mean to you?”

Christopher Loupeda, Senior

“Black History Month is not just a month dedicated to commemorating civil rights and social progression, but it is also a month that is supposed to celebrate Black achievements and uplift and promote Black voices and pride.”

Melanie Knight-Wilkins, Sophomore

“What Black History Month means to me is the appreciation and acknowledgement of Blackness and how it permeates all aspects of society. It is highlighting the silenced voices in black history. It is acknowledging and honoring what our ancestors have been through and accomplished throughout time.”

Abigail Lewis, Sophomore

“I feel like it’s a good time to support black families and think back to all of black history. Basically, it’s a time to remember what we’ve gone through and a memorial type thing. Support black creators and people!”

Jordan Oaks, Sophomore

“Black history month to me honestly… It isn’t celebrated enough. I think this is time where my African rich history should really be acknowledged. I think it’s sad of the great unknown contributors, inventors, and laborers that get little to no attention such our great Kings, Queens and leaders. Black history don’t start and end in February.”

Taniya Miller, Freshman

“It shows me that I’m being recognized for the community that I belong to, and it’s a time to represent who I am and my ancestors who came before me to pave the way so I can get places.”

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