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Student on the Street: Ready for Prom!

By Guy Gong and Surya Tanikella
Staff Writers | The Pacific Times
As students lined up to buy tickets for the first prom in two years, The Pacific Times asked:

“What do you plan to do for prom?”

Christopher Loupeda, Senior

“Have a good time, bust some moves, lord knows I got them.”

Addison Fisk, Senior

“I’m probably going to go out to eat with my friends, and after that I’m probably gonna go to prom, and then after that I’m gonna go out to eat again, probably by myself.”

Rudy Chavez, Senior

“I plan to party, or at least get to know people before I leave them forever, but just have a good time overall.”

Emily Gonsalves, Senior

“Have fun with my friends because it’s my last year in high school and we got so lucky to get a prom and I’m hoping to have fun.”

Miguel Chaparro, Junior

“Just hang out with friends and dance, hopefully if I get tickets.

Kristen Chung, Senior

“I plan to dress up with my friends and go out somewhere nice and take pictures before prom starts.”

Fernando Serratos, Senior

“I’m hoping to have a great time and have a great experience, we really have to have a sense of normalcy.”

Noble Mahan, Senior

“I plan on having a really good time. I want to have fun and have the full prom experience. I will be dancing, wearing a fancy dress and I am just very excited.”

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