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New Student Government Officers Elected

By Krista Chouang
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

New student government officers for the 2022-23 school year were elected on April 29.

Campaign posters of Shazir Mahmood on the library wall

Starting April 22, candidates campaigned by visiting advisory classes, posting signs around the campus and on social media. They also advertised themselves by handing out items such as candy, button pins and stickers.

During the afternoon advisory on April 29, students watched videos of the candidates and submitted vote. Results were released later the same day, during the fourth period.

Junior Tatiana Segura was elected student body president out of two candidates.

“I am grateful and excited for this opportunity that I have been given as being elected student body president,” said Segura in an email. “I look forward to connecting with all the pirates on campus so I can represent their voice and bring back pirate spirit!”

Junior Esha Maharaj was elected vice president out of two candidates.

“Next year I truly hope to bring spirit back to our campus,” said Maharaj. “I want to put my energy towards ensuring that our campus is as safe as possible while also providing events and activities for our student body that are fun and engaging.”

Four students ran to be the student body secretary. Initially, there was a tie between sophomore Melanie Knight-Wilkins and freshman Shazir Mahmood, but a revote decided Knight-Wilkins as the winner.

“I was very nervous and I was hopeful of the end result being me winning,” said Knight-Wilkins. “I was also really thankful that I made it that far and that we were both the first people to tie in NP3 history of the election. Either way, it was a win because I thought it was cool that it was a tie between sophomore and freshman.”

Sophomore Aurora Perez was elected treasurer out of four candidates.

“Going into the next school year I want to start off by asking the student body what they are interested in,” said Perez. “Whether it be a physical item we save up for or raising funds for more events… We have lost so many aspects of high school because of the pandemic and I want to help safely make the next year amazing for everyone.”

Rochelle Sanchez was elected student board representative.

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