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NP3 Pi-Rates Club Offers Math Tutoring Sessions

By Surya Tanikella
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

NP3 Pi-Rates club offers math tutoring to NP3 High School students every Thursday during lunch.

“Pi-Rates tutoring is an excellent opportunity for our fellow students to teach and learn from one another,” said Luke Nikitchuk, a freshman and tutor from NP3.

Math tutoring takes place in Robert Lauer’s classroom, room G-2. According to Nikitchuk, all NP3 High School students are welcome. Members of the Pi-Rates club will be available to offer any help one needs regarding math. This includes providing homework help or reteaching a lesson.

Students can either sign up for math tutoring by scheduling dates with either Lauer or Nikitchuk. Otherwise, they can go to Lauer’s room during lunch on Thursday and directly ask for help, according to Nikitchuk.

Tutoring will be offered for the rest of this NP3 school year.

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