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Student on the Street: End-of-the-Year Reflection

By Nathan Gonsalves
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

As the first full school year in person after the pandemic comes to a close, The Pacific Times asked NP3 High students:

“How was this year different from what you expected?”

Journey Anderson, Junior

“I thought (going back to school) was going to be pretty bad. I didn’t want to go back to school and see everyone but it has been pretty good. I thought I liked learning more online a lot more but now coming back it’s a lot easier and I understand things better.”

Sean Hammons, Junior

“I get to talk to a lot more new people and learning is a lot easier. I was expecting it to be difficult but it’s not that difficult.”

Justin Cooley, Sophomore

“I thought (NP3) was going (to have a lot more) restrictions still. I am able to actually hang out with friends. I also thought it would be more isolated. I felt like everyone (was going to) keep to themselves more. But I feel like we are already back to normal. Like all the groups are still together and the community sense at this school hasn’t been lost because of COVID.”

Gia Bedi, Freshman

“Because of covid and quarantine in general people kind of grouped up into different friend groups so it limited who they were hanging out with. So people aren’t as social as they usually are because they already put themselves in those groups.”

Damon Forde, Senior

“I expected it to be a little different, especially because of COVID. I didn’t expect all of the people that I would meet and all of the events that happened.”

Amisha Singh, Senior

“It was more normal than I expected it to be.”

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